CondorDM’s schedule -
Play Times : 10 pm Atlantic, 9 EST start and goes until people get tired – Saturdays, Sundays, Wednesdays & Thursdays.

Skull Horn Society -
Your Joining a world wide guild(Black Crow Mercenary Guild), fun adventure, interesting interaction, amazing puzzles, a mind field of traps, not just “hit, miss” hack n slash an of course mystery await you.

This is an important rule – (Scheduling issues should not be a problem here)The guilds uses a magical system to bring characters back to a guild branch or sends characters out into the field with a party. Meaning DM can bring players in an out of a session, you only need to show when you are in the mood to play. This means i can take on a large number of players but only DM 6 players per session.

Willing to take new players on who don’t know how to play but wanna learn and willing to do some reading.

I run campaign after campaign, if your level headed, humble to a point an can bring the effort needed on your end, then you would fit in here. My take on a “Persistent” world(Link to campaign information board – ).

Character Creation is very easy.

Audio Introduction –
DMing Resume -
I have ran up to 24 campaigns online, 10 years in total running games online. 20 years of table top gaming, i also run for two table top groups(Meaning the count of campaigns here are only the online campaigns i speak of) each once a month as well as running here. 18 campaigns completed, most going close to 600 sessions, nothing less then 400 session, the uncompleted campaigns each went above 100 sessions.
To answer some criticism most people assume up-front -

I do not aim to run a heavy rp interaction or hack n slash game, i put the same hard working effort into all areas of the game though i do not try an balance things out, i give what the situation calls for. That maybe heavy rp interaction for several sessions or hack n slash for a number of sessions, mixed if the situation calls for it.

Wisdom ability stat has been taken out due to no cleric class and skills do not work off ability scores here.

Alignments: Chaotic Neutral is the only choice for the current campaign(home brewed). You may have a opinion on this but please keep it to yourself for when you go an run your game(If you choose to share your opinion to make a point then i will simply not DM you).

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Skull Horn Society